Historic Sites of Chester

Welcome to Historic Sites of Chester.  This website provides basic information on many of the historic sites in Chester.  It is designed to be accessible on computers, smartphones, and tablet computers.

There are several ways to access information on this website.

  • You can browse this website by clicking on a street name in the banner above or the categories at the bottom of this page.
  • You can use Google maps to explore the site by clicking here or clicking below.
  • Finally, you will soon be able access information by scanning the QR codes with your smartphone on or near all the Historic Points of Interest in Town.

Thanks to the Chester Historical Society for allowed use of material from their publications:

Chester New Jersey – A Scrapbook of History by Frances Greenidge
A Stroll Through the Old Village of Chester
–“A Driving Tour of Chester NJ”
–Chester Township Historic Sites Survey – 1986/87
–Chester Borough Historic Sites Survey – 1985
–The trestle photo from their archives
Thanks to Amanda Dean and Len Taylor for providing use of their “Historic Chester Auto Tour: a guide”.
Thanks to Chris Scrivens for his photo of the barn/strong house at 79 Fairmount Rd.
Thanks to Marla Jackson for her history of Willowwood Arboretum.
Mine and railway maps were adapted from: njwebmap.state.nj.us
Larry Lowenthal’s books Chester’s Iron Heyday and Iron Mine Railroads of Northern New Jersey and Harry B. Weiss’ The History of Applejack or Apple Brandy in New Jersey from Colonial Times to the Present provided useful information.
All other pictures were taken by Edward Ng, all rights reserved.